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Bethany causes Bethany Platt Toples trouble when she shoplifts from a boutique, forcing Sarah to get help from David's Toplss Callum BBethany Sean Ward. Shona tries to talk to Bethany about Nathan, but Bethany believes nothing will change no matter who she talks to. Bethany puts her engagement ring back on. As a result Bethany has got into trouble and is capable of hiding things from Sarah well, such Brooke Adams Wwe Nude being involved with Callum Logan 's drug dealing, the true age of boyfriend Nathan Curtis and her employment at a lap dancing club. Over the following few months, Craig began a new relationship with Kayla Westbrookwho worked as a waitress at Speed Daal. The two began dating and Bethany also became attracted to Callum, telling him of David and wife Kylie 's secret plans to win back full custody of Callum and Kylie's son Max. However, when Brenda insists they sleep in separate rooms, Sarah worries Brenda is taking Toplrs and they leave.

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Sarah and Gail put their differences aside after mentally ill Brenda absconded with Bethany and Gail continued to be a big part of young Bethany's life. Bethany is sacked from the club for being underage but returns to the lap dancing club when it is under new management, quitting her apprenticeship with Audrey. At the party, Nathan continues to give Bethany spiked drinks and he gets angry with Bethany when she argues with Lara Cutler Niamh Blackshaw , a year-old girl who — unbeknownst to Bethany — is also a victim of Nathan's sexual exploitation, over a necklace. Nathan, Neil Clifton and Ian Yardley - along with other men - were all found guilty of rape.

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Through Sarah, Bethany has two younger half-brothers. In July , Lauren faked an apology to Bethany and lied that she herself was getting bullied by Shelley and the rest of the gang. Bethany told police that she was with Callum in his flat when Jason was attacked.

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Gail Rodwell : Bethany and Gail have a girly chat Gail Platt played a significant role in granddaughter Bethany's life when she was a baby, giving up her job at the cafe to help look after her while Sarah attended school in the day. Note: u denotes an uncredited appearance v denotes a voice-only appearance Gallery. Bethany Platt is going to be such a fun and witty character to play and I hope everyone enjoys her return as much as I'm going to!

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Bethany deliberately lost Sarah her job in order to force her to stay in Weatherfield. Sarah arrived in Weatherfield, and demanded that Bethany return to Milan with her. While Sarah believed she had found a perfect family unit with Todd and considered herself to be mature beyond her years, she still made mistakes with Bethany and the relationship with Todd crumbled the following year after he came out as gay to Sarah. In July , Gail went to visit them and in June , Gail was accompanied on a visit by her mother Audrey Roberts. You can unsubscribe at any time. Bethany asks for forgiveness and Bethany accepts Nathan's marriage proposal, which devastates Sarah, but she chooses to support Bethany. Bethany collapsed and was rushed to hospital and when David admitted what had caused her sickness, Gail and Sarah disowned him and threw him out of No. When Bethany revealed that she had failed to do so on the way to the port, Nathan was furious and showed his true colours and the reality of their relationship finally began to hit Bethany. In January , Bethany and her family were evicted from their Victoria Court flat due to unpaid rent and to avoid sleeping in the overcrowded No. Months later, Sarah attends Bethany's parents evening with David, but Bethany doesn't turn up.

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Bethany is followed home again by Lauren and her gang, but are chased off by Gemma, however, they steal her mobile phone. Kylie comforts her when she finds out she is receiving text messages from Lauren and her gang. It's the only time when people sit up and listen.

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This reflects on Sarah being a young mother and the very different and regularly strained relationship she had with her own mother as a teenager. However, Todd is secretly struggling with his sexuality and the shock of discovering his affair with Karl Foster Chris Finch , sends Sarah into premature labour. Nathan breaks bail by seeing Bethany and Bethany keeps him updated as well as agreeing to keep Nathan's connection with Neil quiet.

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